Walls are an essential part of any exhibition.   Although, our capabilities include standard GWB Construction, we have developed in-house proprietary wall systems using CNC Machined parts for creating walls that are solid and quick to install with minimal site debris.    Parts are labelled, dryfit, delivered and ready for quick installation and finishing.   Collaboration with the client and designer on dimension, layout and requirements of each installation are key to producing the most efficient fabrication methods and exceptional results.

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  • Services
    Detailed Shop Drawings
    CNC Parts
    Reveal Panel Joints
    Silhouette Outline
    Customized Shapes
    Curved Walls
    Taped Smooth Joints
    Preprimed and painted prior to shipment
    Clean & Tidy Site installation (better word)
    Permanent or Temporary Installations
  • Materials/Specifications
    MDF/ULDF Construction
    Unistrut Interior structure
    Green/LEED Certified Materials
    Floor Levellers
    Custom Millwork details
    Finish Carpentry
    Fabric Wrapped Walls
    Faux Finishes
    Painted, Specialty or Wood Finishing
    Lacquer, Laminate or Veneer Finishes