Many projects involve site construction and installation of fabricated casework, scenic details, wall cases, shelves, walls and platforms.   Alongside our fabrication equipment, we also are equipped with scaffolding, road boxes, floor protection, dust containment and years of experience installing and building on site whether for temporary or permanent exhibitions.  Our staff brings years of installation and construction experience to the project.  

Fabricated components are fully staged in our shop space prior to shipping.  For Grand Central Terminal's 100 year celebration, we staged a 60 foot locomotive in our shop prior to shipping.  Staging not only allows for a quicker installation, as all the parts have been dry-fitted and tested,  it's also a good time for a shop visit to review details and progress.

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  • Site Construction:
    Drywall Construction & Finishing
    General Carpentry
    Raised Deck Framing
    Priming & Painting
    Specialty Floor installation
    Renovation and Refurbishing
    Scenic Painting and Treatments
    Laminates and Wood Veneers
    Sprayed Wood and Autobody Finishes
    Specialty Wallpaper installation
    Faux Finishes
    Metal Finishes
    Specialty Wallpaper installation