VOLL INC provides design services at several levels to aid our clients in the design and fabrication process. We will work with you to develop and design your entire project from initial concept to final installation.  Our goal is to provide the best application for your specific design requirements in an effort to help keep project costs to a minimum.     Some of the various levels of design include:

>Essentially Complete:  Comprehensive design is complete with fabrication and material details to be worked out through shop drawings
>Ideas & Specifications:  Client has a  general idea of the design as well as size and cost restrictions.  We will value engineer, design the project and create prototypes as required
>Basic Concept:   Client has a rough idea  of design and scope.  We will work towards appropriate finished design, then towards more detailed shop drawings, detailing and prototyping while considering limitations of budget. 

We enjoy collaborating with you, learning your unique vision, requirements and style.  We take pride in creating final products that give voice to your unique project.   Our design staff work closely with you throughout the process to make sure that each element meets your needs and requirements.  That way, no time or resources are wasted in the production stages.

Contact us about your upcoming project >info@vollinc.com

  • Design Capabilities include:
    Graphic Design
    Exhibition Layouts & Elevations
    Photo Retouching
    Detailed Shop Drawings
    3D Drawings & Renderings
    CAM File Creation
  • Design Software:
    Adobe Creative Suite
    Partworks 2D & 3D