VOLL INC specializes in producing museum and gallery Wall Cases that meet the unique specifications of your project.  Also, we have the resources of previous projects and traditional designs to choose from, including recessed cases, shadowbox frames and wall mounted vitrine cases.

Contact us about your upcoming project >info@vollinc.com

  • Projects
    Conservatorial Artifact Display Cases
    Shadowbox Wall Displays
    Plexiglass Covers
    Recessed Cabinet Construction
    Cleated Display Panels
    Wood and Painted Frames
    Archival Wall Cases
    Metal Wall Cabinets
    Wall Wedges and Shelves
    Site Installation
  • Materials/Specifications
    Green/LEED Certified Materials
    Archival Silicone
    Archival Materials
    Marvel Seal
    Object Display Deck
    Fabric Wrapped Panels
    Custom Mountmaking
    LED Lighting
    Fiber Optic Lighting
    Aluminum Vitrine Frames


Security Screws
Internal/External Label Decks
Internal Alarm Systems
Medex/Medite II (Formaldehyde-Free adhesive system)
Silica Trays/Gel Chamber
Painted, Specialty or Wood Finishing
Lacquer, Laminate or Veneer Finishes
Vitrines with UV Filtering Acrylic