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I took a blanket and lying on the couch, turn on the TV, do some midnight news or scientific exploration program, it is boring. Small two gilded tongue to lick the snow, nestled in the snow to find her mother's arms as the same - small second, fear of life, I have never seen such a small two pairs of strangers affectionate, even I also sometimes tepid hot. Last night I just want to say doubt the origin of the dog, did not think that we are all one family, living in the global village. What will happen next? Just chilling, do not think - it must be because the front of the woman, which is from her to my house after the occurrence of all sorts! I was regret: No, I can not stay at home this woman, the moment will not work, she is definitely not human! Be sure to find a way to send out her gently, I lifted my eyes to see her, too harsh, we have got under the determination! I said: "What do you want to eat at noon, I get a takeaway bar. johns and corsets. I �ǿ����ǿ� West replied: "Oh, no problem, I mean, I'll buy you a dress. wholesale nfl jerseys for sale " No wonder early in the morning and not see small second shadow, will afford it went to another house guest went.?" I crouch down, forgive me so frivolous, actually reached out to take her shoulders, although just want to encourage her to believe that my "not malicious.

Street light is really dark, invisible to increase the fear of heart . cheap nfl jerseys for sale " Girl suddenly covered book, looked up at me. I ran into the bathroom wet a towel, would like to help her clean her face. I stood left confused and do not know it - with the small Shenyang looks like a ghost, do I look like with a small Shenyang? I looked up at the sky overhead, swirling clouds, the weather is really good hey. Met a waiter, he came politely asked: "? I help you" "Uh -" I dragged a long tone, still did not dare to say: "Thank you, I look at myself. The road in front is covered with fog, can not see anything, the cold wind constantly bashing the name of my face, ear and sound buzzed the ring, as if to remind me of an unknown omen. Then suddenly the heart of a panic, I gazed toward a corner of the front side of the road to see the past, the darkness I clearly saw a mass of black stuff in the middle of the road artificial garden side! what? It quietly leaning there, I can be sure - it's just move over there! As if behind a hand gently on my cold back, I lost the feeling anxious to cross the road, pushing a bicycle directly beyond the stop line outside. nfl jerseys for sale

I handed her the milk smiled and said:. Standing in the living room, I stared, a surge of happiness to my heart has been above the Bay. Can be identified - was a girl." Girls do not know when it was standing behind me, I suddenly big embarrassment, blushing, said:." Curiosity killed the cat is, I probably killed in this life is vanity. this is the case, the house could be the girl in the end what people? I grew more and more afraid not think of going." "Ah? What do you say silly, I'm fine. She simply Things such as paper, there is no particular intention, just afraid to give me trouble.

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